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HSGE Will Be Held Two Months Later

Focusing on the Segmented Market in the Fashion Industry·The 3rd Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves Expo and Fashion Accessories Expo Will Be Held Two Months Later

In order to fill the market gap with innovation and promote the development of the industry with high-quality products, the Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves Expo and Shanghai Fashion Accessories Expo (HSGE&FAE), organized by China Commerce Association for General Mechandise, Professional Committee of Shanghai Fashion Accessories Association, Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., and supported by Nepal-China Economic and Trade Association, Malaysian Knitting Manufacturers Association, China Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Clothing and Accessories Association, is scheduled to be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from March 2 to 4, 2020.


Three years ago, HSGE&FAE was held for the first time in response to the unstoppable changes of consumption ideas and consumer groups. Its mission is to focus on the segmented product market in the fashion industry, namely hats, scarves, gloves and clothing accessories, and facilitate trade exchanges and cooperation between companies, thereby enhancing peoples awareness of clothing and accessory culture. After three years of development, it has grown step by step, striving to bring more highlights to professional visitors of the industry in the new year.


Highlight 1: deeply exploring resources of production bases in the industry

In addition to introducing the trends and changes in clothing and accessories, the upcoming HSGE&FAE 2020 will serve as an annual military parade of the industry by bring together more than 150 enterprises in hats, scarves and gloves, including Qingdao Qianfeng Cap Making, Qingdao Zegu Chunxiao, Qingdao Xuanfeng Hat Making, Zhangpu Cailan Hat Making, Huayuan Hats, Dongguan Haohan, Deqing Haohao, Deqing Aochi, Deqing Siya, Chuxiu Textile, Tongxiang Mige, Inner Mongolia Hongyi Cashmere, Lixin Gloves, Yiwu Aerjin Knitting, Shaoxing Ruiteng Knitting, Runyuan Fuzzy Products, Jiatebeier Clothing, Jiaxing Weihua Clothing, etc. From the perspective of enterprise distribution, some distinctive industrial clusters have been formed, such as the baseball caps produced in Qingdao and Dongguan, knitted hats in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, straw hats in Wenling, scarves in Deqing, scarves in Suzhou and Hangzhou, cashmere scarves in Inner Mongolia, gloves in Yiwu and Jiaxiang, cashmere scarves in Nepal, Panama hats in Ecuador, etc. They have become the most professional business platform in this field at home and abroad, able to meet China’s needs to promote the building of characteristic towns and development of featured industries. For more information, please visit http://www.shgexpo.com/en/Visitor.asp?id=124

Highlight 2:
building an one-stop platform for fashion clothing and accessories together with concurrent expos

Drawing on the successful experience of the previous two expos, the organizers will join hands with the concurrently-held 15th Shanghai International Hosiery Purchasing Expo and Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo 2020. In the three days from March 2 to 4, 2020, nearly 700 exhibitors in the hat, scarf, glove, fashion, sock and underwear exhibition halls covering an area of 40,000 square meters will welcome a total of 20,000 professional visitors.

Meanwhile, the expo will smooth out barriers and create perfect connections between the sock market, underwear market and fashion market, use a variety of products to connect the entire field of fashion clothing accessories, present an excellent professional B2B trade show in the fashion industry, and perfectly bring together production and processing parties, OEM parties, import and export trade parties, distribution agents, chain enterprises, etc.

Highlight 3: promot
ing the expo with activities

The three-day event
is more than one exhibition. Aimed to “promote the expo with of activities,” a wide variety of activities will be carried out. Centering on “B2B Trade Fair for Fashion Industry, the organizers have designed a number of new, fashionable and cutting-edge concurrent events to bring first-hand information about the trends and leaders opinions to the participants. Some of the on-site activities are as follows. Looking forward to your visit:

The 7
th China International Hat Culture Festival · 2020 Autumn&Winter Series (Shanghai, China)

◇Nepal Cashmere Scarf Catwalk Show
◇Shanghai Fashion Accessories Design Forum & Trendy Accessories Show 2020
◇“Modern ShanghaiShanghai International Body Fashion Products Design Award
◇Hosiery Industry Summit 2020
◇Seminar for Application of Antibacterial, Deodorant and Deodorizing Technologies in Underwear
◇Seminar on Lycra Products 

There are 2 months before the
expo. Please visit the official website of the expo: www.shgexpo.com or call the organizers for specific details.

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